We are more than a simple box-maker… we are a Master Box Maker.

Custom Packaging

Our company is dedicated and passionate about its work, Laklé has perfected the art of packaging through the research and development of new techniques and innovative ideas.

A Master Box Maker is a manufacturer who advises and understands his client’s specific needs. We analyze and anticipate the technical specifications related to packaging, conditions of use, transportation, storage space, etc. We also design and create packaging that is quick to assemble and easy to insert. A Master Box Maker asks the right questions and gets results.

A Master Box Maker works with a wide range of materials and understands technical characteristics. Each new project is an opportunity to innovate, surprise and truly exceed customer’s expectations.

The Art of Packaging

Marketing incentives are multiplying by the day. Branding is ever-present. Standing out is essential. There is no room for complacency in the way you present your products to the world. Each and every element must be fully considered in the design of your packaging.

Packaging design is a complex process. Imagine the perfect packaging that is precisely what you need, that presents a product optimally, that captures the customer's interest and conveys the key attributes of your brand. Imagine a manufacturer who understands your expectations and your sales strategy. This is what Laklé offers.

With a design perfectly adapted to the product, efficient design, a well-selected choice of materials and impeccable execution, your packaging will stand out from the competition.

In the cosmetics industry, garment manufacturing or in the technology industry, packaging is crucial. It protects the product from any potential damage that could render it unusable. A good packaging system is essential.

The best idea must be perfectly implemented in order to achieve a concrete result.

By choosing Laklé, you benefit from more than thirty years of research and development in the field of packaging. Our creative concepts and ingenious solutions are a must. Let Laklé surprise you!