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Board game creation is a large-scale process. Each developer has different methods for creating their ideas and concepts that represent the core of their board games. However, sometimes the enthusiasm of the creators is dampened by unforeseen packaging issues because of some common things that game designers forget or fail to consider when designing their custom boardgame box or pieces.

There are several packaging manufacturers, but few can be as creative as Laklé.

The creation of board games

On the surface, creating board game packaging is not very complicated. But like any packaging project, there are things to consider that an outsider may not think of beforehand. For example, the weight of the packaging materials, the mobility of the game box, the design and print quality of the box, not to mention the placement of the pieces (board, pieces, cards, etc.). In some ways, custom game boxes are not that different from product launch kits in everything they need to accomplish.

Choosing Laklé to manufacture your board games

Laklé has the expertise and can offer a variety of techniques necessary to produce the most complex projects including board games.  From prototyping, to custom manufacturing of custom game boxes and their various components (game boards, interior dividers for pieces, figures, etc.), Laklé is able to help you create your unique board game and its packaging.


Check out our custom game box section for your packaging as well as our technical services section for the manufacturing of parts such as game boards, dividers (inserts), etc.  Laklé will accompany you throughout your game manufacturing process and will offer you judicious advice.  Contact one of our representatives today.


Our custom packaging

Made of corrugated cardboard, the corrugated shipping box has two common packaging styles, “Top Lock Box” and “Front Lock Box”.
Folding cardboard boxes vary not only in terms of style, but also in size.
Rigid set up boxes are a very common type of packaging and are often associated with luxury products.
The boxed set is a key support in the world of packaging. The range of custom rigid boxes includes many different products adapted to multiple contexts.
One of the most effective solutions for standing out from the crowd is the custom cardboard display stand.