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E-commerce boxes - Offer the ultimate customer experience!

Today, packaging is much more powerful and valuable than a simple container! It is a shortcut to consumer decision-making and a communicator of a brand’s overall message. 

As the demand for personalized, innovative, engaging, well-designed or eco-friendly packaging has become a pillar of our daily lives, packaging has become a legitimate part of the customer’s experience. At Laklé, we know how to offer customized boxes that will meet your e-commerce needs.

There are several packaging manufacturers, but few can be as creative as Laklé.

Laklé's expertise facing the complex challenges of E-commerce boxes

The consumer’s shift from retail to e-commerce has resulted in delicate products having to be shipped by either Canada Post, UPS or FedEX; shipping options known for their efficiency, not necessarily for their smooth handling. 


The other equally important outcome of e-commerce is the importance of creating that unboxing experience. Nothing can replace the now expected “wow factor” when the package is opened by the consumer. This type of impression is not possible when the product arrives damaged, buried in foam balls, filled in bulk or covered with layers of foam or non-eco-friendly plastic film.  


Ideally, the product should be visible when the box arrives and is opened. As the old adage goes, “you only get one chance to make a good first impression”. At Laklé, we make sure that the product shipped is the first thing the consumer sees. 


At the same time, visibility cannot sacrifice safety or protection. The elimination of double packaging is now an important issue in custom e-commerce packaging. 

Custom or standard e-commerce boxes?
We work according to your needs and budget.

Not everyone has the same needs or the same budget; that’s why Laklé offers both custom and standard packaging designs to meet everyone’s requirements. We offer a wide range of custom e-commerce packaging solutions including corrugated boxes, as we understand the importance of sturdy and durable packaging for your products.


Our “Standard Personalized” shipping boxes offer cost savings while providing quick turnaround and volume availability. Our “Custom” e-commerce packaging meets all the specific needs of your product, offering increased protection and that much sought-after customer’s experience.

Check out our e-commerce shipping boxes (mailer box) and customized boxes now to find the right product for you.