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Discover the many possibilities of the folding box

When it comes to folding cardboard boxes, the possibilities are endless. With a wide variety of box styles sucj as “straight line”, with various bottom types, sleeve boxes, pillow boxes, tulip boxes, display boxes, bag boxes, and more, you can find the perfect packaging solution for your needs. They are probably the most common type of boxes that the average consumer is exposed to.


Folding cardboard boxes vary not only in terms of style, but also in size. Here are some basics of the most common features of the different styles of folding boxes that you need to know in order to choose the style that will best suit your brand or product.

There are several packaging manufacturers, but few can be as creative as Laklé.

Folding Box - 1 piece

Reverse tuck boxes

The Reverse Tuck boxes are very similar to straight tuck boxes, except for the closing panels.  One closing panel is attached to the back of the box, while the other closing panel is attached to the front.  They fold in opposite direction.

Advantages of the reverse tuck folding carton

Disadvantages of the reverse opening folding carton

Boîte pliante
Boite pliante

Straight tuck folding box with rear opening

The top and bottom closures are both folded from the front to the back.

Advantages of the folding cardboard box with rear opening

Disadvantage of the straight tuck folding box with back opening

Folding box with 1-2-3 bottom (3-step closing)

This box has a bottom closure that closes in 3 easy steps

Advantages of the Folding Cardboard Box with 1-2-3 Bottom

Disadvantage of the Folding Box with 1-2-3 Bottom

Boîte pliante
Boîte pliante

Folding Box with Automatic Bottom

This box is equipped with a bottom closure that facilitates the insertion of product into the box.

Advantages of the folding cardboard box with automatic bottom

Disadvantages of the folding cardboard box with Automatic Bottom

Folding box - 2 pieces

A very chic looking packaging in spite of a very reasonable price!

The 2-piece folding boxes are made of a lid and a bottom overlapping a number of each other.  They are widely used for retail packaging. Whether it’s an item of clothing, jewelry, or cosmetics, these boxes are widely used to package and display various items. There are a number of customized combinations available for 2 piece folding gift boxes. You can make your choice based on the characteristics of the product and your needs.

The 2-piece folding cartons with windows are also popular for improving the visibility of packaged products. Whether it is baked goods, toys, cosmetics, gadgets or others, these boxes are used to effectively display the goods and make various retail items worth seeing by the shoppers.

These boxes are a perfect packaging solution for a variety of products. You can give them a very chic look by adding decorative accessories that can turn them into a thoughtful gift at a very reasonable price. The 2-piece folding cardboard boxes offer a number of variations.

What are the different types of 2-pieces folding carton boxes?

There are several combinations available when selecting a 2-piece folding carton box. For example, the blown bottom box with a wide solid edge and a sleeve giving it a matchbox style; a bottom-cover box with 4 doubled-wall sides folded over itself allowing for very rigid sides of the box. The hybrid pairing (semi-rigid cover and rigid bottom) is also a possibility for heavier items that do not necessarily require a fully rigid package.

These are simple packages but allow for the addition of lamination, hot foil stamping and/or embossing to enhance their quality and beauty. 

Boîte rigide

Here are some examples of folding cardboard boxes on the market

They can be found in many variations, such as a straight line with different types of bottoms, a sleeve, a pillow box, a tulip box, a display box, a bag box, etc. Their applications are countless and you will find them in all the commercial fields under various designs. Whether it’s for a folding gift box or professional use, you can trust Laklé.

Here are other models of folding boxes on the market

Boite Pliante

Straight-line box with 1-2-3 bottom

Boite Pliante

Display box with 1-2-3 bottom and tab

Boite Pliante

Pillow box

Boite Pliante coffret livre

Book case

Boite Pliante Sac

Bag box with automatic bottom

Boite Pliante Pignon

Gable box with automatic bottom

Boite Pliante Sleeve


Boite Pliante

4-corner glued tray

Boite Pliante

Bag box with automatic bottom and tab

Boite Pliante tulipe

Tulip box

Our custom packaging

Made of corrugated cardboard, the corrugated shipping box has two common packaging styles, “Top Lock Box” and “Front Lock Box”. 

Rigid set up boxes are a very common type of packaging and are often associated with luxury products.

The boxed set is a key support in the world of packaging. The range of custom rigid boxes includes many different products adapted to multiple contexts.

One of the most effective solutions for standing out from the crowd is the custom cardboard display stand.