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Understanding cardboard packaging to select the right solution for you

We understand that it is sometimes difficult to find good ideas for your packaging choices. But no matter what product, industry or reason you need custom packaging, we offer our expertise throughout your project. 

There are several packaging manufacturers, but few can be as creative as Laklé.



Browse our custom packaging box by industry or by specific need to make your job easier.

4 reasons why custom product packaging is important

Custom packaging is a marketing tool that costs little, but is still extremely effective. Indeed, it doesn’t cost more than regular packaging, but provides a great advantage in terms of developing customer loyalty. Subsequently, personalized boxes can be given various shapes that can be more and more attractive. In addition, there is a wide variety of personalization styles to give originality to the packaging. This allows for example to differentiate one product from another during marketing campaigns. 


As customers and their needs become more and more diversified, packaging personalization has become a sure-fire way to improve your brand and products.