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Our company specializes in designing and producing custom packaging boxes and displays.

Laklé has been designing and manufacturing custom packaging box solutions for small and medium quantities for over 30 years. We are working hard to eliminate double packaging by creating custom printed box solutions that offer environmentally-friendly options without sacrificing product protection or the quality and durability of the packaging.

There are several packaging manufacturers, but few can be as creative as Laklé.

What are the advantages of custom packaging over other options?

Although often referred to as custom packaging box, it is packaging that is specifically tailored to your company and the product your company produces and ships.  It is designed to fit the product it contains perfectly and is intended to enhance and protect it better than standard generic custom packaging. 

Custom printed Boxes that require a rigorous and precise process

Custom printed boxes must go through a process of engineering, design, prototyping and testing to ensure that the packaging performs perfectly according to the given specifications and meets all needs. This process takes more time, effort, and money than when choosing a standard custom packaging box, since custom boxes go through an intensive process.

The design of the packaging by the designer must be perfect, but the physical characteristics are just as important. The packaging can be customized using full printing processes on the boxes including patterns, shapes, images, etc.). There can also be textured canvas overlays, lamination, embossing, handles, windows, foam or cardboard dividers, or any other element that the customer wishes to include on their custom packaging to make it true to their brand.

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Why choose custom packaging?

Today, packaging is much more powerful and valuable than a simple cardboard container! Custom packaging simplifies the decision-making process for consumers and conveys a brand’s message. As the demand for custom boxes that are innovative, engaging, well-designed, or eco-friendly has grown, they have become a central aspect of our daily lives. Custom packaging box manufactured by Laklé has become a legitimate part of the customer experience.


Custom packaging box allows products and companies to manufacture their own unique packaging (inside and out), as opposed to standard cardboard and custom corrugated boxes that is the same as any other companies, except that it offers customization (printing of any visuals or shapes, or hot stamping of the logo)


Laklé offers various types of personalized custom packaging solutions (custom corrugated box, gift box, rigid box, folding box, creative packaging, eco-friendly packaging, etc.).  Each has its own particularities, advantages, and production costs.


Custom product packaging is important to companies because it allows their product to be unique and special, which greatly enhances the desired customer experience. But it also plays an important role in protecting the product inside, especially when a die-cut divider is added.


Check out our different types of custom packaging boxes available now!

Adding interior dividers contribute to an optimal customer experience!

At first glance, adding an interior divider may seem like an unnecessary extra cost. However, in most cases, the use of an interior divider in your packaging can significantly reduce your overall costs, in addition to optimizing the range of emotions your consumers feel when opening your packaging – an unprecedented customer experience!


Beyond increasing profitability and customer’s experience, there are many good reasons to use die-cut dividers. Among other  benefits, interior dividers provide separation and protection while maximizing visual impact, especially for unusual shapes and sizes or products of fragile materials such as glass.  A custom die-cut divider is the best solution. These dividers require a custom cutting die and design time, but the result is usually worth the one-time cost. 


Most dividers are made of cardboard, either flatboard or corrugated. The E-grade flute (E-flute) will most often be used as it gives a more attractive, less “industrial” look than other corrugated boards, but other grades of flute are also available if the protection of your product requires it. Regardless of the type of cardboard you choose, you can add a number of different finishes such as custom printing, presentation text, hot stamping in different colors, etc. 


Die-cut interior dividers can also be made of various foams, densities, and colors, and can contain different combinations or quantities of products. 


Laklé has been designing and manufacturing dividers for over 30 years to complement and accompany its custom packaging box.  Our technical team is here to accompany you throughout your project and help you choose the ideal divider for you.

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Our custom packaging

Made of corrugated cardboard, the corrugated shipping box has two common packaging styles, “Top Lock Box” and “Front Lock Box”. At first glance, these two styles appear similar, but each has its own unique characteristics.
Folding cardboard boxes vary not only in terms of style, but also in size.
Rigid set up boxes are a very common type of packaging and are often associated with luxury products.
The boxed set is a key support in the world of packaging. The range of custom rigid boxes includes many different products adapted to multiple contexts.
One of the most effective solutions for standing out from the crowd is the custom cardboard display stand.

Are you looking for a standard but customized package?

Laklé offers various types of standard personalized packaging solutions: custom corrugated boxes, cases, rigid boxes, folding boxes, creative packaging, eco-friendly packaging, etc. These packages are manufactured in large quantities (mass production) and we then add a personalization (your company logo, visuals of your choice, etc.) on a section of the product, either by printing or hot stamping process. The formats and sizes are already established and cannot be modified.


These types of standard packaging each have their own particularities, advantages, and production costs.

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