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From design to manufacturing, we offer a full range of custom packaging boxes and displays

One of the most effective solutions for standing out from the crowd is the custom cardboard display stand. It is a unique medium that will highlight your products, your brand and also your image.  There are currently several varieties of displays to meet all needs.

There are several packaging manufacturers, but few can be as creative as Laklé.

Why use a cardboard display?

Widely used in a business communication strategy, you can use this type of support to present a product, a commercial offer or an advertising document such as a brochure.  The cardboard display stand provides several advantages to a company as it represents an effective and inexpensive marketing solution while allowing to attract the eyes of potential customers.  Its effectiveness lies most certainly in the choice of a good location and an adequate support.

The cardboard display stand allows to:

The custom display stands are arranged in such a way as to highlight the products both aesthetically and functionally.

What substrate are custom displays made of?

Although there are different substrates used to manufacture displays, such as wood, PVC, metal, etc., Laklé has turned to an eco-friendlier material: corrugated cardboard.  With decades of experience and know-how using this material, Laklé is qualified and able to advise you and make a custom cardboard display stand that will be adapted to your specific needs.


Laklé offers two types of corrugated displays to suit your needs and budget: the aisle display and the counter display.

Customized aisle cardboard display (floor standing):

The aisle display is an advertising support, single or double-sided, or 360 degrees and mobile that adapts to all points of sale.

Produits standards - présentoirs
Produits standards - présentoirs comptoir

Customized counter cardboard display:

From the brochure dispenser to the advertising display or sale of products, its variations are numerous.  It can be placed on any available flat surface.

Original concepts for your custom cardboard display stand

Following a meeting to analyze your needs, our team will propose an original concept to showcase your products. Your cardboard display will respect the technical constraints inherent to the marketing and specifications of your products in order to ensure optimal performance at the points of sale where your display stand will be used.


Our design department will produce a custom prototype that will allow you to validate all practical aspects of your display, from assembly to mounting with products.


Laklé also offers 3D visualization of your display before it goes into production.

Here are some bold designs of custom displays, certified by Laklé:

Also, discover our standard custom cardboard display stands for smaller budgets.

Voici d’autres modèles de présentoirs

Boite Pliante

Boîte Straight-Line avec fond 1-2-3-4

Boite Pliante

Boîte présentoir avec fond 1-2-3-4 et languette

Boite Pliante

Pillow Box

Boite Pliante coffret livre

Coffret de livre

Boite Pliante Sac

Boîte sac avec fond automatique

Boite Pliante Pignon

Boîte à pignon avec fond automatique

Boite Pliante Sleeve


Boite Pliante

Tray à 4 coins collés

Boite Pliante

Boîte sac avec fond automatique et languette

Boite Pliante tulipe

Boîte tulipe

Our custom packaging

Made of corrugated cardboard, the corrugated shipping box has two common packaging styles, “Top Lock Box” and “Front Lock Box”. 

Rigid set up boxes are a very common type of packaging and are often associated with luxury products.

The boxed set is a key support in the world of packaging. The range of custom rigid boxes includes many different products adapted to multiple contexts.

Folding cardboard boxes vary not only in terms of style, but also in size.