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What is a personalized corporate gift box?

Corporate gifting is the practice of creating a point of contact with employees, customers or prospects through a gift. It is a serious business and without a doubt a very diverse market where no two corporate gift models are the same. As part of a well thought out marketing program, it can help build or strengthen critical relationships and become a cost-effective way to identify activities that benefit the company.

There are several packaging manufacturers, but few can be as creative as Laklé.

Thématique - cadeau corporatif

Why is the corporate gift packaging box so important?

Receiving a gift is a powerful experience; it creates a sense of connection with the giver and can create positive associations with a person or brand.  Companies have long relied on the power of the gift to build better relationships with potential and existing customers to show appreciation for their business.  Corporate gifting is also used to build employee loyalty and has proven to be very effective in this niche.


The best gifts are those that come from the heart and show it. Special care must be taken in the preparation of said gift.

Personalized corporate gift boxes – an inspiring solution!

Laklé is well known for its inspiring and creative custom packaging solutions for corporate gifts boxes.  Laklé has received more than a dozen Gutenberg awards over the years for its innovative, complex and original creations. We can offer you personalized packaging solutions for your corporate gift boxes of all kinds and for all budgets.  Allow us to meet the challenge and win your 

A few examples of our corporate gift boxes