We design and manufacture custom personalized boxes and displays

In order to meet all needs and budgets, Laklé has developed a range of standard personalized packaging products and customized boxes that will allow you to stand out in the market, while saving money!


Our range of personalized cardboard boxes and other standard packaging is adapted to your needs. Whether it’s for a corporate gift, to highlight your product or to promote your company, we have a custom packaging solution for you!

There are several packaging manufacturers, but few can be as creative as Laklé.

Why choose our standard personalized
boxes to package your products?

Our standard personalized packaging is made up of products manufactured in large quantities (mass production), to which we add a personalization (logo of your company, visuals of your choice, etc.) on a section of the product, either by printing or hot stamping process.


However, the formats and sizes are already established and cannot be modified. Customized standard boxes offer you a personalization that will help you stand out, while offering a simple and very economical solution!

In addition, because they are already pre-made, delivery times are much faster.


By choosing from our range of standard custom products, you will benefit from the following advantages:


We have over 30 years of experience in the manufacturing and design of packaging.


We’re sure to have the right package for your product in our standard selection of personalized packaging and you always have the option to add a little customization if you wish.


By selecting one of our standard products, you will have access to small or medium quantities, starting at only 5 or 25 units (depending on the product).


By choosing one of our standard products, you will benefit from a much faster delivery time.


Feel free to browse our list of standard products below to find a packaging solution that suits your needs.


The personalized gift market offers a multitude of products for wine lovers. This category of products is greatly appreciated by most people who receive them as a thank you.

By opting for a wine packaging box with your organization’s image, you ensure that the people you thank with this type of gift will remember you for a long time and will appreciate your attention.

Description of the different standard models offered:





We offer a range of personalized cardboard gift packaging boxes. All our lids are customizable with digital printing. This type of gift box allows you to put your objects, jewelry, photos, trinkets, etc. in it.  Perfect for offering a gift to your business partners or your loved ones.  A personalized gift packaging box for all occasions.

Description of our personalized gift packaging boxes:

Are you looking for custom packaging?

Although very often referred to as custom packaging, bespoke packaging is packaging that is specifically tailored to your business and the product your business manufactures and ships.

It is designed to perfectly fit the product and aims to enhance and protect it better than generic standard personalized packaging.

Standard counter cardboard display

Our standard corrugated counter display is a simple and economical way to showcase your products. This countertop display is designed with digital print personalization for a vibrant message that’s sure to capture your customers’ attention. Our cardboard display stand is available in two sizes: small and medium.

Product Description :

Other formats or personalization available on request.

Personalized aisle cardboard display stand

A great way to increase your sales. Laklé has the expertise and equipment required to create cardboard displays stand that highlight products, make them stand out and increase their sales potential.

Size problem?

From small displays to large formats, Laklé displays can be manufactured in a variety of sizes to fit the available space.

Product description:

Standard shipping box

Laklé is proud to present its new product: the corrugated cardboard box made of 100% recycled and recyclable materials. It is a true packaging chameleon. The shipping cardboard box, made of corrugated cardboard, has a flap that inserts on the sides offering rigidity and a solid closure. From industrial use to elegant box, it will be able to pack the most varied products.

Product description :

Box for mug - Economy Style

Offer a personalized mug gift box with your image, quick and easy. Our mug packaging boxes can also be used for various other gifts such as figurines, candles, gadgets, scarves, etc. An economical and simple mug gift box, ideal for hand giving at an event or meeting.

Product Description:

Box for mug - Shipping style

Looking for a personalized mug gift box that will offer protection for your product during shipping? Here is our shipping corrugated cardboard mug packaging box. This box can also be used for various other products such as gifts, figurines, candles, gadgets, scarves, etc.

Product Description:

board games

Personalized bingo game (corporate or family)

Rediscover the pleasure of playing bingo! Our personalized Bingo game (corporate or family version) consists of 8 game boards, a set of 75 number cards, 8 erasable pencils, and a settlement card. Customize the lid of the box with your logo, your own brand image or your family photo.